Alumnus inducted into Hall of Fame


Pete Obregon, MD, FACS, Class ’60 and 2010 Most Outstanding Alumnus, was inducted to the prestigious Medical Mission Hall of Fame at the University of Toledo Medical School in Toledo, Ohio.

Others honored were physicians from the Doctors Without Borders, Operation Smile, and a couple of surgeons who were previously awarded the American College of Surgeons Humanitarian Award.

Pete is the full-time East-West Medical Director of the Medical Ministry International and his wife is co-Director. After retiring from his surgical practice in Ohio, Pete, together with Judy, have been doing year-round medical missions around the globe the past 27 years.

They have done missions in the USA,  the Carribean, Eastern Europe, Africa (10 countries), South America (8 countries), Middle East, Asia, (12 countries) including various provinces in the Philippines (13 towns, 19 missions), Rwanda (15), Dominican Republic (10).

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