May Sen walk with God

Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS ‘61
Past President and Chairman
FEU-DNR School of Medicine Alumni Foundation

Arsenio R. Martin, MD, FCCP, Class í67, was a gift from heaven to our Alma Mater, our alumni foundation, and to all of us, who were his friends, to all those aspiring FEU medical students and to all the poor people he had ministered to during the medical missions he had spearheaded or joined.

His untimely and shocking passing this morning leaves a giant void in all of us, especially for his wife, Fe, and their children, an emptiness that would be hard to fill. Senís departure is a great and irreparable loss.

As a past president and chairman of our alumni foundation, Senís pet project, which was his obsession, was the scholarship program he championed, an effective tool in recruiting meritorious students (summa, magna and cum laude) from all schools in the Philippines to enroll at our Alma Mater. I have no doubt that this was one of the reasons, besides an excellent institution and faculty, why FEU-NRMF has repeatedly topped, or garnered places, on the medical board examinations in the past few years.

This scholarship program, as I had often pointed out to him on several occasions when he called me to ask for advice or opinion, would be one of his brilliant legacies, one that will boost the integrity, prestige, and name of our Alma Mater in the years to come. I strongly believe that only quality can attract excellence and only excellence can bear the fruit of quality.

We will all miss Sen, but the wonderful program he loved so much and left behind will always shine as a beacon to inspire and guide all of us and the countless future medical students and young physicians at FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine and Medical Center.

May God bless Fe and their family and may Sen rest in eternal peace and walk with God.


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