Obregon team to Rwanda

Pete Obregon, MD, FACS, FEU '60 , and 2010 Most Outstanding alumnus, and his wife, Judy, are going Kibogora Hospital in Kibogora, Rwanda, September 15 to 29, 2012 with a team of 10 medical people, and September 30 to October 13 with a second team of 8 medical people. On November 3 to 17, he is taking another surgical team to Desalines, Haiti, with 8 members.

Pete, who is a general surgeon, is the full-time East-West Medical Director of the Medical Ministry International, and Judy, Co-Director, do medical missions around the world, including the Philippines, several times a year.

The message was contained in his email to Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, where he also commented on the latter’s new book: “I enjoyed reading your book (Let’s Stop “Killing Our Children). It is a wonderful and very informative book… I am sharing it with our children….Please include us in your prayers.”


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