GMA Presents 2006 Linkapil Award to FEU-DNR-SM-AF

President Gloria M. Arroyo presented the 2006 Linkapil Award to the FEU-DNR-SM-AF, represented by Arsenio Martin, M.D., FEU-DNR SM Alumni Foundation, FEU-NRMF-IM Dean Remedios  Habacon, M.D., and FEU-NRMF Medical Alumni Society President Matias Sonny Habacon, M.D. The two gentlemen on the left are Jose Molano, Jr., Executive Director of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, and Dante Ang, CFO Chairman.

Philippine President Gloria M. Arroyo on December 7, 2006 presented to the FEU-DNR-SM-Alumni Foundation the 2006 Linkapil Award at a formal dinner-ceremony at the Rizal Hall of the Malacanang Palace.

The award, which stands for Linkod Sa Kapwa Pilipino, is an honor bestowed every two years on individuals or organizations who have served the Filipino people.

On hand to receive the award for the alumni foundation were Arsenio Martin,M. D., past president of the alumni group, Dean Remedios Habacon, M. D. of the FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine, and Matias Sonny Habacon, M. D., president of the FEU-NRMF Alumni Medical Society, who substituted for Dr. Josephine C. Reyes, Chairman, FEU-NRMF, who was unable to attend.

The numerous awardees that evening include the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, with the following to receive the award on behalf of the SPSA: Oscar M. Laserna, M. D., SPSA President; Sarie G. Laserna, M. D., Special Assistant to the President; and Philip S. Chua, M.D., FACS, FPCS, SPSA past president and Chairman Emeritus, FEU-DNR-SM-Alumni Foundation.



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